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How to Refer a Dubli.com Customer

DubLi Network overview PowerPoint Presentation

Finally here!  The new Powerpoint presentation for doing open house events, in home presentations and more!

Sales Director and Vice President Roadmap!

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There may not be a single document anywhere that can be more impactful to your life than this one.  If you not only want to have a successful business, but also reach your health, relationship, and spiritual goals, then you need this tool in your life.  

Watch this training on how to completely revolutionize your results in all areas using this one simple tool.  Watch the video!

Step 2:  Watch this video and   Download the Checklist.

This checklist provides STEP BY STEP instructions on exactly what you need to do with both DubLi.com and DubLiNetwork to  set your business up for success!  Best of all, anyone can use this checklist and the video will show you exactly, click by click, how to complete the steps.

DubLi Two-Page Briefing Document

Use this Document either as a briefing tool or as a take-home for your guests following an open house.

Step 3:  Watch these BASIC TRAINING videos.

Step 1:  Plug In...(don't skip!)

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All About Team Building...

ALL NEW!  Part 3

Inviting:  The cornerstone skill.

Learning how to invite effectively ensures you will never run out of people to talk to about DubLi.  Mastering this skill will do more for your business than almost any other thing you can do.

Get Connected! Stay up on all trainings, information, and announcements from the team.

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World Class Compensation - for the best effect, make sure you watch these IN ORDER.  

The Business Ownership Side of DubLi.

Exposure Tracker

Exceptional business builders understand the importance of followup, and tracking your exposures day to day and week to week will help you have effective followup and never miss an opportunity to help someone new make the right decision.

Need to Contact Us Directly?

Call or Email Sales Director,

Brian D McIntosh

904.333.1320  -  brian@briandmcintosh.com

Step 4:  Make your list, and go to work!

Once you have become a BA, become your own first VIP customer, completed the getting started checklist, and gone through the training, there are only 2 things left to do!   Here's a tool to assist you with creating your list, so you have a boundless supply of potential customers, partners, and BAs!

WARM MARKET MEMORY JOGGER.  Once you have your list, refer to the Advanced training on how to translate that list to new business!

Understanding the Recruiting Process

Part 2

Part 1

It's all about the product.  Learn all you can about Dubli.com

Helpful Tools:​

These MUST HAVE documents are available for your download.  If there is something you need, you'll find it here.