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When you're ready to own your own piece of the ECOMMERCE industry, DubLiNetwork is your passport.

In addition, DubLi allows Major Corporations, smaller companies, and non​-profit organizations  to utilize the power of Dubli.com as an additional revenue stream.  
The DubLi Partner Program is one of the most powerful tools anywhere to monetize an existing customer base, or generate revenue for for any Charity or non-profit organization.  

This 5 minute video demonstrates how DubLi Partner is creating millions of dollars in revenue for organizations of all kinds. 

Making Money in a booming industry. Timing is Key. 

Shopping, entertainment and travel represent 80% of all business revenue online today.  Business minded individuals all over the world are capitalizing on this unlimited and unprecedented growth DubLiNetwork, the global leader of innovative online shopping, entertainment and travel solutions to consumers in more than 260 countries.  Imagine a global business platform that you run from your own home or office...welcome to DubLi Network.

DubLi Partner Program

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Capitalizing on 1.3 Trillion in Global eCommerce Wealth.

​Corporate Review with DONALD TRUMP JR and Founder Michael Hansen

Michael Hansen is the Founder of DubLi, former President and Chief Executive Officer and a Director of DubLi, Inc. and former Chief Executive Officer of the Company’s BSP Rewards subsidiary. In addition to directing and managing a global corporation, Mr. Hansen is DubLi’s chief strategist and conceptual developer, areas in which he has been recognized globally for his unusually innovative style.

            Early in his career, Mr. Hansen gained experience from his work in a variety of internationally recognized creative environments. Mr. Hansen holds a degree in mechanical engineering and in the late eighties and early nineties worked as a developer for the Danfoss Group. Later, he was recruited by LEGO and was responsible for theme world development spending much of time designing and creating the highly successful Space Lego product line, which later developed the Star Wars products. In 1996, he commenced his entrepreneurial career by developing a successful chain of Mexican themed franchise restaurants which he sold in 1999 to pursue a career in the Network Marketing industry where he achieved the highest position in two US-based network marketing companies, in telecommunications and financial services.

            Today, Mr. Hansen oversees the direction of DubLi, Inc. and DubLi.com and acts as a motivator and mentor for the fast-growing number of business associates to ensure their continued success. Having been the founding father of the reverse auction concept, Mr. Hansen is known for his ability to recognize the latest consumer trends. Being the chief strategist of DubLi.com, he is continually modifying the DubLi.com Cashback offering to meet constantly developing consumer demands in travel, shopping and entertainment. Mr. Hansen is an avid believer in using online media to market and promote DubLi’s products and insists on using the latest technology for all media options. As a business leader, Michael Hansen sets high standards for himself and others.​

A company's success is largely determined by its leadership.

World Class Compensation in a World Class Company

Reserved exclusively for the Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents in DubLiNetwork, the DubLi Island Golf and Beach Resort in beautiful Grand Cayman represents the most privileged lifestyle possible.  Claim your own villa in the Caymans now by qualifying at the SVP level in DubLiNetwork.  This promotion is subject to end, as availability of these first class amenities are limited.  Don't wait, get started now.

DubLi's Global Reach

DubLi has both customers and builders in 192 countries around the world.  The opportunity has never been bigger than it is right now, especially internationally.  One of the countries with the greatest potential and unlimited possibility is India.  

There's no such thing as saturation in a marketplace, especially if you're there in the beginning. Building internationally can open up huge volumes of business because of timing and positioning. 

Where's your new frontier?